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This site served as an active blog from 2010-14, focusing on relevant news, information and resources in the nonprofit arena. I have now moved on to other things and will keep the site open for a period of time as a nonprofit library/information source (see archives below right).

That said, I am still active on social media, posting about the latest nonprofit developments. If you would like to connect, you can find me here:


Twitter:        @jamesdambrosio


Best Regards,

James D’Ambrosio


Dear Readers,  JamesProfile1

It’s been nearly eight months since I stopped blogging regularly to accommodate increased professional demands. However, I will keep this site up through at least the end of the calendar year (December 31,2014) providing greater opportunity for those interested in reviewing the library of articles (approximately 115 posts) and links to nonprofit resources on the home page.

There’s been quite a few changes in the nonprofit world since the beginning of 2014. Below are links to a few that may be useful to you and/or your organization:


1) The Nonprofit Revitalization Act

2) New Nonprofit Domains Available October 2014

3) Excellent Nonprofit Information Web Site

Best Regards,

James D’Ambrosio

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