DEAR VALUED READERS:JamesProfile1Twitter

I hope everyone had relaxing, enjoyable holidays. As promised, I’m back to discuss my plans for 2014.


After careful consideration, between added professional responsibilities and the prospect of joining a nonprofit board, I simply won’t have time to blog. It’s time to move on and apply my expertise more directly in the industry. Blogging has been fruitful: Nearly 115 posts on a host of topics; increased knowledge of nonprofit issues; providing valuable information and resources; and creating a dialogue with other professionals.


That said, I’ll still maintain an online presence posting links to information and resources on LinkedIn and Twitter. I’ve already connected with some of you on social networks; for those who wish, connect with me here:  LINKEDIN, TWITTER. Further, this site will stay live through at least June 15, 2014 serving as a professional resource (click some links under ‘Resources’; there’s a lot of great information out there).

Finally, I’d like to thank all 120+ subscribers taking the time to read and respond. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to effect change or help others nearly as much. A professional blog should be a collaboration exchanging ideas and information — no one has a copyright on intellectual capital.

Going forward, I plan to be in nonprofit for the long-term, so I welcome all those who wish to move on with me. I have very much enjoyed this time serving the nonprofit community, and will continue to do so in the future.

Best Regards,

James D’Ambrosio

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